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Spanish Language Arts
Assessment Creation Services
Working with you to develop SLA assessments that meet the needs of your Spanish-speaking students
Use custom-built assessments in
Spanish to influence learning.

At Fluence, we believe that all students deserve the opportunity to engage with high-quality assessments, appropriate to their educational setting. Unfortunately, when addressing the needs of native Spanish speakers, many assessments in Spanish are mere translations from English. High-quality SLA assessments, on the other hand, require more than a direct translation from their ELA counterparts. They must reflect academic language, skills, and concepts that are specific to Spanish literacy.

Fluence can help.

Fluence SLA assessment experts work with you to create an assessment program for SLA that equitably assesses the skills and abilities of native Spanish speakers. Assessment tasks are either written directly in Spanish or trans-adapted (NOT translated) from English when appropriate. All content is aligned to the Common Core en Español, standards developed by the San Diego County Office of Education, Council of Chief State School Officers, and California Department of Education.

The benefits of using
Fluence SLA assessments
  • Develop an SLA assessment program that is equal in quality to your ELA assessment program.
  • Assessment items and texts reflect the same rigorous complexity as expected from English items and texts. All texts include Certified Lexile Measures for Spanish.
  • Select texts that are culturally sensitive to the needs of native speakers of Spanish.
  • The language of all items, texts, and instructions reflect the language of the SLA standards.
  • Work directly with Spanish Language Arts assessment experts and learn from our experiences with districts all over the country.
What is included?
Orientation and Goal Setting

We take a consultative approach to defining the partnership, goals, and design of your custom assessment program for SLA.

We work together to develop a custom assessment blueprint to measure your district instructional goals and the expectations for the Common Core en Español. Blueprints specify the number of items per standard, DOK distribution, content requirements, and quantitative measures for texts based on your unit plans, pacing guides, and other instructional plans. Compare your SLA assessment program with your ELA program.
Assessment Development

We develop custom content to meet the needs of your specific student population. Use our mediated review process to efficiently and thoroughly review and approve assessment content. Once the content is final, we publish your customized assessments, which can be administered either via pencil and paper or online.