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CCR Quick Checks
Ready-to-use classroom assessments that support
instructional shifts
Use CCR Quick Checks to
Influence Learning.

CCR Quick Checks are short classroom assessments designed for teachers to check and re-check student understanding of concepts and make meaningful instructional choices.

Fluence can help.

We know that teachers want classroom assessments that can quickly and flexibly inform instruction. That’s why our 636 CCR Quick Checks are organized around instructionally important concepts like clusters in math and text complexity in reading.

The benefits of CCR Quick Checks
  • These short-cycle assessments are specifically designed to support teachers’ classroom assessment programs.
  • Because these assessments are short, they can be used to quickly gauge understanding, plan reteaching, and guide instruction.
  • Embedded PD helps teachers to better understand in ELA how text complexity and task complexity progress over time and in math how a collection of standards contribute to a cluster.
  • These assessments are designed to blend in with classroom activities and can be incorporated into lesson planning.
What is included?

378 Math Quick Checks address every CCR cluster or concept.

  • Two equivalent forms per cluster in grades 2-8
  • Accelerated 7th grade
  • Traditional and Integrated Pathways for high school

258 ELA Quick Checks address standards in these strands:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language
  • Foundational Skills

Reading Quick Checks offer two unique supports for teacher and students.
1. Reading Quick Checks for each grade are organized around a matrix of text complexity and task complexity because it is necessary for students not only to be able to read more challenging texts, but also to apply increasingly sophisticated cognitive strategies to each text.
2. Reading Quick Checks also include ELL supports so that teachers can incorporate strategies to support their English learners.

Each Quick Check includes a Teacher Rationale document. Every Teacher Rationale document includes information about standards and DOK coverage, detailed answer choice rationales, and rubrics specific to each constructed response. In ELA, the Teacher Rationale Document also includes a Text Placement Rationale, which describes the qualitative and quantitative (Certified Lexile) text complexity measures in detail.