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NGSS Formative Assessments
Pre-built assessments that address NGSS Bundles and the California
course models for Grade 5 through high school
Use NGSS Formative Assessments to Influence Learning.

NGSS Formative Assessments are assessments that teachers can use throughout the year and address recommended sequences of instruction.

Fluence can help.

We know that teachers want classroom assessments that can quickly and flexibly inform instruction. That’s why our NGSS Formative Assessments address Performance Expectations as well as the three dimensions of science learning.

The Benefits of NGSS Formative Assessments
  • Pre-built assessments help teachers make a smooth transition to NGSS.
  • These assessments are written specifically to address NGSS and elicit evidence of learning from each response so teachers can gain insights into their students' progress and make meaningful instructional choices.
  • Because Fluence content shows the relationship among specific performance expectations, the three dimensions and higher-order thinking, it embeds professional development.
  • Fluence NGSS native assessment content embeds cross-curricular alignments to College and Career Readiness Standards in English Language Arts & Mathematics.
  • The PE Modules can be organized to flexibly match your scope and sequence.
What is included?
33 pre-built assessments aligned to the NGSS Bundles and California Course Models

In the Fall, 2017, Fluence offers NGSS Formative Assessment for these grades/courses:

  • Grade 5 Integrated Science
  • Grade 6 Integrated Science
  • Grade 7 Integrated Science
  • Grade 8 Integrated Science
  • High School Biology with Earth & Space Science Topics
  • High School Chemistry with Earth & Space Science Topics
  • High School Physics with Earth & Space Science Topics
Each assessment includes 3-5 PE Modules that each address one Performance Expectation. Each PE Module includes an experimental context with associated items, including technology-enhanced items.

7 Performance Tasks
Performance Tasks are completed online and address questions that integrate multiple Performance Expectations and domains of science.
Native NGSS content

By developing assessment content that is native to NGSS, Fluence NGSS Formative Assessments help educators meet the expectations set by the NGSS. Only native NGSS content can address all three dimensions of science learning and make the best use of features specific to online assessments.