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SBAC Block Mirror
Prebuilt assessments that focus on one or more assessment targets and mirror the SBAC Interim Assessment Block (IAB) blueprints
Use SBAC Block Mirror Assessments
to Influence Learning.

SBAC Block Mirror Assessments are assessments that teachers can use throughout the year to focus on related concepts in ELA and mathematics.

Fluence can help.

We know that teachers want classroom assessments that can quickly and flexibly inform instruction. That’s why our SBAC Block Mirror Assessments are organized around the same focused concepts that are covered on the SBAC IAB assessments.

The benefits of using
SBAC Block Mirror Assessments
  • These prebuilt assessments are true to SBAC’s vision of providing teachers with assessments that are “more consistent with the sequence of their curricula.”
  • Because these assessments are prebuilt using SBAC IAB blueprints, they give teachers insight into how students perform on SBAC targets.
  • These assessments may be copied and modified to serve a variety of instructional needs.
  • Administer these assessments in your current assessment administration and reporting platform so that your student data is all in one place. There’s no need to copy and paste data from spreadsheets.
What is included?
81 prebuilt assessments for grades 3-8 and high school

The Fluence SBAC Block Mirror Assessments match the SBAC’s published coverage with the following:

  • 39 math assessments (21 in Fall 2016, 18 in Winter/Spring 2017)
  • 42 ELA assessments (28 in Fall 2016, 14 in Winter/Spring 2017)

Blueprints for SBAC’s IABs can be found on SBAC’s website:
SBAC Math IAB Blueprints
SBAC ELA IAB Blueprints

Detailed blueprints
The Fluence SBAC Block Mirror Assessments are easy to use and understand. They allow teachers to search not only on targets but also on standards, which makes instructional planning more straightforward.
Items and passages that follow SBAC specifications.

The Fluence SBAC Block Mirror Assessments mirror SBAC IABs by using SBAC item specifications, which suggest wording and item types, including technology-enhanced items.