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Don't waste your time on assessments that don't influence learning.

Assessment takes time. Make that time count by using assessment content that is written specifically for college- and career-ready standards, provides information so teachers can address
the instructional shifts, creates opportunities for professional learning, and matches your instructional goals and pacing. The Fluence Assessment Studio includes these products:

CCR Content Bank

Our native college- and career-ready assessment content for math and ELA in grades 2 through high school includes more than 35,000 items and 1,500 complex texts. Build assessments with our content to match your instructional goals.

NGSS Formative Assessments

Our NGSS Formative Assessments are prebuilt to address the NGSS Bundles and the course models for the NGSS Bundles, and for the state-specific requirements of California, Michigan, and New York. These assessments address not only Performance Expectations but the three dimensions of science learning.

CCR Quick Checks

Our 636 fixed-form Quick Checks address the key instructional concepts embedded in college- and career-ready standards (clusters for math, staircase of text complexity for ELA). Each Quick Check includes five to seven items, including constructed response.

CCR Performance Tasks

Our 77 ELA and math performance tasks allow students to synthesize ideas across a range of concepts. Each performance task includes multiple parts and instructional scaffolding that allows all students an opportunity to participate.

SBAC Block Mirror Assessments

Our SBAC Block Mirror Assessments mirror the SBAC IABs by covering the same grade levels, following the same blueprints, and adhering to SBAC item specs. By using these, you have the benefit of administering block assessments in the same assessment and administration platform you use for all of your other assessments.

CCR K-1 Assessments

Kindergartners and first graders need assessments that are developmentally appropriate. Thatís why our 124 assessments incorporate the observation of individual students and small groups.

Ask us about whatís on the horizon.

We are exploring approaches to history/social studies and science (including NGSS), as well as continuing to add additional prebuilt block assessments for ELA and math. In addition, we are tracking statesí efforts to revise ELA and math standards so that we can better support our districts.


We can help you get more from your assessment program.

Nothing is more important to us than the success of your assessment program. Thatís why our services help you develop an assessment program that successfully influences learning. Fluence Assessment Services include the following:

Assessment Creation

Our subject-matter experts work with you to develop assessments that match your scope and sequence. This service includes a mediated review process, coaching on assessment best practices, as well as support for rolling out your assessment program.

Blueprint Coaching & Development

Our assessment experts conduct workshops, on site or remotely, with your team to build blueprints that match your instructional goals.

Assessment Review

Our subject-matter experts review assessments that you build.

Spanish Transadaptions

Direct translations don't work. Our Spanish language assessment experts shape assessments in Spanish for your students

Ask us about custom assessments and professional development.

Whether itís custom performance tasks or a session on close reading, sometimes the only way to meet your particular goals is through a custom assessment or PD session.


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