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CCR Performance Tasks
Helping you prepare students for performance-based assessments
through our rigorous, multi-step activities.
Use CCR Performance Tasks
to Influence Learning

CCR Performance Tasks can be used to deepen learning and encourage students to persevere in extended learning tasks. These multi-step, project-based assessments are a great way to observe hard-to-assess standards, as well as DOK4 tasks.
They also help prepare students for state-administered performance tasks.

Fluence can help.

Our 77 ELA and math performance tasks allow students to synthesize ideas across a range of concepts. Each performance task includes multiple parts and instructional scaffolding that allows all students an opportunity to participate.

The Benefits of using
CCR Performance Tasks
  • CCR Performance Tasks are available for grades 2-12.
  • These multi-step, project based assessments assess a deeper understanding of concepts.
  • CCR Performance Tasks assess multiple standards including those that cannot be assessed with selected response.
  • Detailed instructional scaffolding is included to support both students and teachers as they work through these challenging assessments.
  • Can be integrated into instructional activities
  • Teachers are provided with detailed scoring rubrics with sample responses to assess the students' work.
What is included?
Documents and guides

Each Fluence Performance Task includes student documents and teacher guides. Student documents include all texts, stimuli, student rubrics, and response areas. Teacher documents include standards alignments, procedures, rubrics, and detailed support for integrating the Performance Task into the classroom.

ELA Performance Tasks

In ELA, each Performance Task
focuses on Writing standards but integrates Reading standards and Speaking & Listening standards
includes multiple texts and stimuli
includes several optional, formative activities that build concepts that students will apply in the culminating task

ELA Performance Tasks generally take more than one class session to complete.

Math Performance Tasks

In Math, each performance task
connects the Mathematical Practice standards with content standards
is designed to provide evidence of students' abilities to make sense of and solve complex problems, create and use mathematical models, and construct and support arguments.

Math Performance Tasks come in two forms: a basic form that takes one class period and an extended form that may take several class periods to complete.