Fluence Learning
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Lafayette CA 94549

About Us
Fluence Learning believes that student performance on assessments should guide instruction. And to do this in today’s educational environment, assessment content must be developed to address the expectations set by college- and career-ready standards. Assessments realigned from legacy standards may provide beautiful reports, but they don't really tell teachers the truth about how well students meet college- and career-ready expectations and where teachers need to adjust instruction.

We also believe that assessments can influence instruction before they are actually administered to students! We design our assessments to communicate the expectations and instructional shifts of the standards. When educators review assessments, blueprints, our Quick Checks, and supporting teacher materials before instruction, they extend their understanding of college- and career-ready expectations. For example, by reviewing our assessments, they get a practical context to explore qualitative and quantitative text complexity, instructing at different levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge, and synthesizing clusters of math standards to develop deeper understanding.

We have a long history creating content designed to influence learning. We began in 2007, when we were called Intel-Assess, writing an item bank from the ground up for California State Standards. Because other assessment providers offered item banks amassed and realigned from multiple sources, our first solution took off and truly informed educators about student mastery of California's unique expectations.

In the course of the next five years, we grew from serving a single school district to serving more than 120 districts in California. With the advent of the Common Core, we were acquired by Amplify in 2012 in order to accelerate investment in our native College- and Career-Ready assessment solution.

Now on our third company name, Fluence Learning, we are still the same team with the same core beliefs.

Recently the original Intel-Assess team members found an opportunity to return to their roots and concentrate on providing assessment content for school-district created assessments. This has led to the formation of Fluence Learning.

Our Executive Team

As a team, we’ve worked together successfully for several years, including through several challenging transitions (corporate acquisition and re-organizations, adoption of CCSS, etc.). Our executive team brings more than 100 years of cumulative experience in education and technology. Three of five executives are original Intel-Assess co-founders. The remaining two have been with the company each for more than five years.